Introduction to games

There are many table games out there to play and now in such a digital time, the most likely place you will find them is on the Internet. There are scores of free games you can play online to learn and discover.

The world of table gaming comes in four categories, mostly determined by the instruments used to play them. 1) Cards. 2) Dice. 3) Random Numbers. 4) Strategy.

Board Games

Many board games use the dice option, through playing with dice, the commonality is to move your position on the board of a game based on the numerical outcome and thusly, beat your opponent to the final marker.

Are board games classed as table games? This is a debate left for another post, but I am of the position that they are. The concepts of playing against chance and luck makes them no different to your more classical ‘table’ games.

Monopoly is a classic board game. Here you have to use strategy to buy up property on the board in hopes that the odds of your opponent landing on them are frequent enough to have them pay you a dividend.

Games like Guess Who? Full strategical gaming based on prediction, this is no different to any card game or table feature.

A list of famous board games you should try that bring about the spirit of classic table gameplay:

  • Monopoly
  • Scrabble
  • Cluedo
  • The Game of Life
  • Guess Who?
  • Ker-Plunk
  • Connect Four

Table Games

Table games seem to come with a higher degree of respect amongst the gaming community. These games seem to involve more thought processes and thusly, adds to its prestige as a game.

The table game is primarily a 2-player game, board games can encompass 4, 5 and even up to 8 players at one time.

Luck doesn’t play much of a part in the game, there is no dice or law of gravity involved. The games are primarily won and lost based on the movements and decision making of the player.

There are many table games and the most famous of them are:

  • Chess
  • Draughts
  • Chinese Checkers
  • Mancala
  • Noughts and Crosses
  • Backgammon

Casino Games

I used the category of casino games with the reasoning that they are more commonly associated to this category of gambling than merely being known as card or table games. In whole that do all fall under the category of table games and not board games.

These casino game have been played for centuries and are far older than any board game that has ever existed.

Casino games are purely luck-based with perhaps a smidge of skill in some areas, predominately card games.

There are now hundred of different casino games that you can play, with original features having their own list of variants also.

Many of the most popular games are listed below for you to discover how casino games get the reputation that have had for thousands of years:

Playing for Free

Many of the games, with exception of 99% of the board games, can be played online. Free online casino games and table games are in their abundance. Great to not actually spend any money to play. There are loads of demo games that you can access through you mobile and play without the need of downloading an app, though this is one option that does allow you to experience games if your phone is able to handle the storage these apps take up.

I use free chess games all the time. There are some apps that allow you to play with friend if both of you are sharing the same app. You can learn chess and play against machines at different skill levels.

They are a tool that continuously gives you better knowledge and understanding. This just isn’t about chess though. Many professional gamblers use free casino games to learn how to beat the casinos, literally, at their own games.

If you are new to the world of card games or table games, then explore and enjoy the bounty that is given by the Internet.