Mobile gameplay has been at the forefront of personalized entertainment since 2015, now this is a brief time in the scale of things, so we are very much at the start of the new way of playing online.

For mobile users, there are two main sources where games can be downloaded. If you have an Android mobile, then you will need the Google Play store to facilitate your needs. If you have any iOS smartphone, then the Apple store is the place to go to keep your thumbs busy.

Inside any of these gaming outlets, you can occupy yourself with hundreds of different games in the form of an app. There are two kinds of gaming apps, the one you get free and the one you pay for. The more your pay with either an upfront payment or in game purchases, the greater your experience will be.

Mobile gaming covers all forms of gameplay. You have your popular console games available like Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft.

Your subcategories cover everything ever made. Action, board, card, casino, puzzle, racing, trivia and sports to name a few.

One of the biggest hits from all these are unquestionably casino game (more about types of casino games you can find here: You can enjoy blackjack, poker, roulette and online slot machines in this category, however, unlike real casinos, mobile apps do not allow you to win real money, so you will need to join a reputable casino online to experience that.

As chess is a strategical game, we find interest in the strategy section and provide you with some alternative options that may appeal to the chess-minded.

  • Art of War: Legions
  • Dawn of Titians
  • Clash of Empire
  • Empires and Allies
  • Global War

All these games are similar in approach. You have to build your defences and construct an army that is capable of winning battles against your opponent.

Now, if you wanted to keep your gaming closer to home and play more familiar board games like chess, then the mobile options you have are endless.

Here are some further suggestions should you wish to download later on:

  • Carrom Pool
  • Board Kings
  • Business World
  • Ancient Terror
  • Checkers

Not everything needs to be downloaded via the worldwide web. There are sites on the Internet that are updated and integrated with HTML5 software. This program allows you to play games direct from the browser you use. This mean no downloading and site fast and instant access from the website.

These free to play games that are accessible without download, are scattered throughout the internet. From them you can play similar games to what you would find in the Google and Apple stores.

So, what does the future hold for mobile gamers? Well, the answer is actually simple because its in production as we speak. The world of virtual reality has been dabbled with on and off for the past 5 years. This is the new way forward for the gaming industry and though in its infancy, there are accessible VR games out there, but we are yet to see the age of VR gameplay to fully take over and become a new dominating market. This may only be 10 to 20 years away when we are all plugged into our phone with goggles and gloves on, but this day will come when gaming is like how you’ve never played it before.