As a lover of online casino games, you may have heard some players talking about “bringing down the house” using the card counting strategy. Have you wondered how card counting can help you bring down the house in the game of blackjack? Or if it is an important strategy to learn before going into the world of gambling? The same thoughts occurred to me, so I had to do some research which landed me at the expert hands of casino games experts at to help explain to me how card counting works. The guys were very patient and we have practiced card counting together over a Zoom call. If you would like to follow please click on this link.

This article should help you understand why counting cards in the game of blackjack can help you bring down the house, make you win big and minimize your chances of losing some money.

Card Counting Strategy

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Many have won huge sums of money from casinos through card counting. This is a card game strategy mostly used when playing blackjack and its variations. The aim is to make the player know who is likely to get an advantage on the card to be dealt next; him or the dealer? Players who use the card counting strategy try to turn round the innate casino house advantage. They do this by keeping a record of all the cards seen by the player; the high and low-value cards. Card counting also gives the player room to either bet more when the card count gives an advantage, or minimize losing in the event of an unfavorable count.

This does not generally mean you win at every game since you do not know the exact outcome of the card to be dealt next. For casinos running such games, it could be a 50/50 chance for them to making big profit and also puts them at a risk of losing or even running out of the business. This is where the casino employs the use of RNG (Random Number Generation) to generate a sequence of outcomes that cannot be reasonably predicted other than by a random outcome.

This randomizes the possibility of what card to be dealt next. Arming yourself with the card-counting strategy helps you understand the table well by assessing the high and low-value cards. Most persons think of card counting as memorizing how many high and low-value cards are dealt off the shoe. It is actually not memorizing the cards but keeping track of the high to low cards’ ratio.

Card counting requires an amount of practice to get it right. Luckily there is a free course which suggested to me and my readers which is put together by Colin Jones of Blackjack Apprenticeship. You would need to put in your email details in order to receive the free course. After that, you can try your hand at a real casino. Come back to us and share your results but please try not to get caught!!! Alternativley you can see Colin in action in the Youtube Video below

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