Upload To Facebook And Youtube Using Windows Live Photo Gallery

Microsoft has released two new plugins, namely; LiveUpload to Facebook & LiveUpload to Youtube, through which you will be able to upload and share photos and/or videos with your friends and co-workers, by using Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta. You do not need to have a Windows Live account but you will obviously need a Facebook and Youtube account to upload photos/videos, right from your PC to your respective accounts.


Its very easy and simple. First, you will have to link your Facebook account with Windows Live Photo Gallery application, its a one time process. Once this is done, you will have to make an album, if in case there is no album available in your Facebook account, then choose images that you want to upload onto Facebook, then choose Publish > LiveUpload To Facebook option from the main menu. You will then be prompted to select an account and then an album to upload images. You can also link multiple accounts to the application or create another album for an existing Facebook account.


In this case the plugin works with either of the two applications; Windows Live Photo Gallery or Windows Live Movie Maker. It works by selecting one video in one of the supported applications and initiating the upload from the Publish > Live Upload To Youtube menu. A popup will appear asking for a Youtube username and password. After a successful login a new window will appear with options to enter a title, description, keywords, a category and permissions for that video.