KC3’s “What Google Doesn’t Want You To Know”

Hi Musab,

We’ve got the webinar for Keyword Canine 3.0 all setup for this Thursday at 2p.m. EST. The title of the webinar is going to get a lot of people to open the emails:

“What Google Doesn’t Want You To Know”

It will walk people through how to rank in Google and how KC3 will help them do that. Here’s the affiliate sign-up page. Everyone who attends the webinar (or watches the replay) and buys after being referred by your link will be credited to you as a sale:


Webinars are traditionally big sellers because people get to see the product in action — live. That always gets a lot of people off the fence and through the door to buy.

Be sure to attend yourself! It will help you sell KC3 even better in the all-important final days. I’ll be sending you some “last chance” swipe copy next week. The last day of any promotion is always the biggest day (usually double the sales of any other day) because people rush in to buy at the last minute.

Thanks again for promoting.

And here’s to your success Musab!

Jonathan Leger